I See London I See France

by Paulita Kincer

When her husband of a dozen years walks out in a huff, Caroline Sommers walks out too – to Europe, with her kids after impulsively selling her minivan for travel money. Tired of being the perfect wife, she escapes to rediscover herself, and possibly rekindle the unrequited love of a Frenchman from her college days. While shepherding her kids from London to Scotland then Paris to Provence, she finds herself at a crossroads. Does she choose love, or lust, in the arms of a European man, or should she try again with the father of her children and the man she truly loved, once?

Meandering Monday In Which I Encounter A Very Unusual Situation


I have a very unusual situation that I thought I’d blog about just to get it off my chest. It’s been bothering me for several weeks and I figure that this may be a good catharsis for me. Since I’m a newbie in blogging (15 months now), I’m not sure if this is a common occurrence so I thought I’d throw it out there.

In February, I entered a contest/blog hop through a great group of bloggers that I follow. There were a couple of bloggers that I was not friends with and had never heard of. I love blog hops for this reason–you meet new people! Several days after the hop, I received an email from an author who was apparently one of the bloggers on the hop, asking if I ‘really wanted to buy’ her book. That flummoxed me because I had entered the contest to win a copy of her book which looked cute but there hadn’t been any sort of sign-up form to buy it. Her writing was a bit stilted so I thought perhaps she was not American. I sent an email saying that the book looked good and I might purchase it later.

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